Footpool is new, fun and entertaining game. It`s a combination of pool and soccer. It’s the perfect combination between ball handling, cleverness and fun. Game is played on an oversized pool table (DELUXE 4,5m x 8m MINI 2,7m x 5,7m) with real soccer balls. Everybody can play this game – kids and adults.


FootPool table complete set


  • 16 balls with football net (size 4 indoor balls)
  • Triangle for setting the balls on the table
  • Artificial grass
  • PVC cover for the table
  • Footpool table is weather proof. It is built on an impregnated timber frame and has adjustable legs, with water proof plywood. Plastic containers under the holes.


Prices — FOOTPOOL DELUXE 8500.-€ MINI-FOOTPOOL 3700.-€

PVC cover can be bought separately 900.- € (DELUXE)


MINI-FOOTPOOL 2,7m x 5,7m