Wood Park Adventure

Minigolf courses are made from wood, treated, painted and covered with artificial grass. Different obstacles and courses are numbered. Dimensions of the courses are: Total length according to the track, on average 6000mm, width 2000mm.
The concept of Wood Park was created to make the game even more interesting and exciting. In this version we also have big barriers and design elements for the courses – cannon, well, airplane, windmill and the lighthouse.


  • COURSE 12 – 11989.-€
  • COURSE 18 – 15708.-€

These prices do not include tax and assembly. Delivery time from the date of signing, to delivery adress in the contract is between 4-6 weeks. Shipping in Estonia is free of charge.

Area needed to install courses is:

  • 12 courses – min. 600m2
  • 18 courses – 800m2